Mr T

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(W) Chris Bunting (A/CA) J. l. Czerniawski. by Christopher Bunting & J.L. Czerniawski Armed only with his fists, acumen, and a business card that reads, 'Next to God there is no better protector than I,' bodyguard Mr. T becomes as renowned as many of his clients. But will even the moniker of 'The Greatest Bodyguard in the World!' make any difference when old enemies return and new foes and unseen faces conspire against him? The graphic novel uses its real-life star as a platform to address controversial 'hot potato' real-life issues, such as kidnapping, gun crimes, and sex offenders. With his assignments taking him around the world, Mr. T soon becomes embroiled in the center of a complex web of events. This leads to a shocking conclusion, as Mr. T begins to realize that perhaps the true target isn't his clients, but himself! Includes exclusive interviews and a personal introduction by Mr. T himself.