Hell Cabin RPG

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For fans of Evil Dead, The Lodge, The Rental, and more comes a double-feature of campy gm-less horror rpgs: HELL CABIN 1&2.

Each of these games are distinct, have their own rules, art, and unique play style, but both emulate the same particular horror and have similar themes of doom and evil.

Hell Cabin 1 is an asymmetrical game for 2-4 players ala Vast: The Crystal Caverns where each role (Survivor, Friends, Cabin, Evil) uses unique dice mechanics to interact with the world, letting each player focus on a particular aspect of the story and compete/interact in hellacious harmony.

Hell Cabin 2 is made for 3+ players and uses a deck of cards and lets you play Blackjack against an autonomous dealer, starting as a group of friends on a weekend vacation and descending into hell until only one remains.

This poster is about 15x23” full color on newsprint and will be shipped folded up into a mailing envelope.

Tags: Indie, Rpg