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Detective: City of Angels - Smoke and Mirrors Expansion

Detective: City of Angels - Smoke and Mirrors Expansion

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Return to the City of Angels with four all-new mysteries of missing tigers, shadowy conspiracies, and frenzied death cults!

A travelling carnival awakens to a gruesome sight; an unchecked crime spree offers no clues; a celebratory dinner party turns bloody; and the hanging of a beloved actress grips the city with fear.

In Smoke & Mirrors, you'll attempt to solve four of the most diabolically difficult mysteries you've ever faced, featuring unique mechanics, special rules, and never-before-seen suspects.

So don your fedora and polish your brass knuckles; you'll need every tool in the detective's aresenal to even have a hope of cracking these cases!

  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 1-5
  • Game Length: 30-150 minutes
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