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Codex Vol. 1 RPG

Codex Vol. 1 RPG

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Codex is one of the most exciting, beautiful, cutting-edge products in tabletop roleplaying games today! It is a zine produced by The Gauntlet Gaming Community and comes out in PDF form every month. Each issue is organized around a theme and contains original games and LARPs (live-action roleplaying games), new content for existing games like Dungeon World and Lovecraftesque, loads of original artwork, and a custom layout.

Volume 1 contains the first 13 issues of the Codex zine: Blood, Chrome, Ectoplasm, Starlight, Dark, Love, Yellow, Iron, Madness, Time, Neon, Crystal, and Joy. It has 308 full-color pages, contains 97 original illustrations, and is absolutely packed with amazing, original game content and inspiration for your table.

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