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Catherine: Cities of the Tsarina

Catherine: Cities of the Tsarina

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It is the year 1762. Recently, after a coup d'état, Catherine the Great was proclaimed the new tsarina. You take on the roles of counselors and try to win Catherine's favor, so that she will appoint you as the most important person of trust to be at her side at the end of the game. The possibilities are many: You can focus on the expansion of the empire, opt for a martial orientation, engage in the booming trade in goods, or set your mind on the arts. By the end, Catherine will decide who impressed her the most.

Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina distinguishes itself by an innovative card mechanism. With each card, you need to weigh whether to use it for carrying out an action or for activating other cards. Every decision counts - be it to generate majorities or to improve actions. Since all players play simultaneously, there is no idle time. The possibilities are many, but which one will be the best to impress Catherine? It's in your hands!

  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: 30-45 minutes
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