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Aeon's End DBG: Legacy of Gravehold

Aeon's End DBG: Legacy of Gravehold

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War between mages is looming. Brama and the mages of New Gravehold fight for safety and tradition. Z'hana and the mages of Azer fight for freedom and exploration. With Void portals opening up and threatening humanity on all sides, the last thing New Gravehold needs is another reason to fight. Will Brama and Z'hana be able to reconcile their differences, or will the community that survived underground for generations finally be torn asunder?

Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold is the second legacy game in the Aeon's End line of games. Legacy of Gravehold has a deeper, more immersive narrative with branching paths. After each game, players will receive experience. They will spend that experience on enhancement stickers, those along with player cards will allow the players to become more powerful. However, the nemeses that players will face grow stronger and stronger with each battle.

Legacy of Gravehold has more than twice as many mages as all previous base sets, and more than twice as many nemeses as well.

  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 1-4
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
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