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A Fake Artist Goes to New York

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

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A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a game for five to ten players in which you have to draw and conclude. Trying to conclude something while drawing is not as easy as you think!

Everyone will try to draw what the game master wrote on the prompt cards, but each player is only allowed to draw one line. For example, if the topic is "cat", you could draw an ear or a whisker so that the other players know you know the topic. There is one fake artist among the players - someone who doesn't know the topic and will have to draw a line randomly.

After each player has drawn twice, they will have to decide who the fake artist is. If the fake artist receives the most votes, that player loses. Otherwise, the fake artist and the game master win the game. Now, you might think it is extremely easy to find out who the fake artist is, but there is one more rule: Even if the fake artist receives the most votes, that player can still guess the topic of the picture everyone drew - and win with a correct guess!

Knowing this rule, it becomes much more difficult for the real artists to draw their lines. You want to show the other artists that you know the topic of the picture, but you don't want to be too obvious in front of the fake artist - so the picture becomes a crazy mess!

  • Ages: 8+
  • Players: 5-10
  • Game Length: 20 minutes
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