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World of Aetaltis: Defenders of Dunbury Castle

World of Aetaltis: Defenders of Dunbury Castle

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Evil Threatens the Borderlands!

Dunbury Castle is threatened by a rising tide of darkness. Bandits stalk the roads, pirates raid boats along the riverways, and the power-hungry Warden Balewick seeks to seize control of the duchy in his mad lust for power. But an even greater threat looms: endrori and other dark creatures are creeping out of the Deeplands, and the sightings grow more frequent every day.

Defenders of Dunbury Castle is a complete adventure setting for your Fifth Edition game. It’s the perfect base of operations for the adventuring party as they make forays into the monster-infested wilderness that lies beyond the castle’s walls. It includes everything a gamemaster needs to support a multi-adventure World of Aetaltis campaign.

Inside the Defenders of Dunbury Castle you’ll find:

  • An Introduction to Region: Learn the rich history of Dunbury Castle and its environs, the many and varied threats that await characters, and the state of the region at the start of the adventure.
  • Military Life: Discover the secrets to running an exciting campaign where the characters become stalwart soldiers that guard the northern borders of Agthor. Dunbury Castle: A detailed room-by-room description of the castle, from the highest tower to the lowest dungeon and everything in between.
  • Scir of Dubury: Complete descriptions of the many key locations in the land around the castle, packed with adventure seeds and encounters for use in your campaign.
  • People of Dunbury: Meet the many and myriad residents of the castle, from the castle’s leader, the courageous Captain Brazewhite, to the devious Warden Balewick—plus complete Fifth Edition stats for each entry.
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