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A matching volume to 2009's Almost Silent, What I Did collects three of Jason's acclaimed 1990s graphic novels into a handsome, definitive omnibus format. 'Hey, Wait...,' the first (and the most critically acclaimed) of Jason's books to be translated to English, tells the story of two childhood friends. A dreadful event midway through the story changes their lives forever, and the melancholy. Sparsely told as a series of brief vignettes, 'Sshhhh!' is one of Jason's virtuoso silent performances, the cradle-to-grave life of one of his bird-headed characters. And the one Jason fans have been waiting for is the long-out-of-print 'The Iron Wagon,' an ingenious, atypically (for Jason) talky murder mystery set in early-20th-century Norway, adapted from a classic Norwegian novel by Stein Riverton-albeit starring Jason's patented blank-eyed animal-headed characters and told in moody two-color panels.