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Waste Knights: Second Edition

Waste Knights: Second Edition

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Welcome to the Waste - desolate and ruined Australia full of feral beasts, haywire cybernetic constructs, mutants and ruthless gangs prowling the badlands. Half a century and one global disaster, called the Scourge, into the future, every day is a battle for survival and you are among those who are best fit to win.

As one of the Waste Knights you brave threats of the road seek adventure, resources and fame (or notoriety), while facing terrible dangers and experiencing stark wonders of this harsh reality. A new world is being forged from the ashes of old civilization. You will embrace it...or die trying!

Waste Knights: Second Edition is a post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival. It is scenario-based, with each story governed by a different ruleset and filled with hundreds of narrative choices. Play cooperatively to bring down powerful villains, or challenge your friends in competitive adventures. But most of all, immerse yourself in a rich setting, in which adventure, thrill, combat, and strategy blend into a unique gaming experience.

  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 1-4
  • Game Length: 45-180 minutes
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