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Underworld Player's Guide 5E Compatible

Underworld Player's Guide 5E Compatible

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The ghoul bat dropped like rotten fruit, startling a bandit. The hidden darakhul ranger draws an arrow dripping in death on a gnarled black bow―and lets it loose!

This book provides character options well beyond the norm. Eight playable races and options for the 5th edition of the world’s first RPG including: derro, mushroom folk, deep trollkin, drow and many more.

These new options include all new backgrounds as well, such as the Siwali Embalmer and Ghoul Imperium Deserter.

Uncover new Underworld subclasses that fit your new character

  • Herald of the Ebon Star roguish archetype
  • Grave Binder and White Necromancer arcane traditions
  • Primal Path of the Sarastran
  • Imperial Hunter ranger archetype
  • And many others!

Plus new spells, trinkets, Underworld beasts, and more!

The Underworld Player’s Guide adds layers of grime and death to any game!

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