Turok Son of Stone Archives HC

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Paul S. Newman (W) and Alberto Giolitti (A) On sale July 14 FC, 216 pages $49.99 HC, 7' x 10' Lost in a strange jungle world where dinosaurs and cavemen from earth's prehistoric past thrive, Indian braves Turok and Andar are cut off from their home and their tribe. As they search for a way home, the wonders of the land challenge their survival and plans for escape: incredible illusions, monster gods, tropical storms, wars between tribes of cavemen, tree-dwelling monkey men, swamp dwellers, and more! o This volume collects issues #31-#35 and #37* of Turok, Son of Stone from the Gold Key Comics run (1962-1976). These classic adventures have not been seen since the early 1960s! o Watch for the new Turok series coming fall 2010! *Issue #36 is a reprint of the Dell Comics issue #14 of Turok, Son of Stone, previously collected in Turok, Son of Stone Archives Volume 3.