Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down Base Game (2nd Edition)

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Slowly but steadily, the Moon has been approaching the Earth. It has touched the surface and ripped a deep rift across continents, mountain ranges and oceans. It has come to a halt in the now dried-out Pacific Ocean. Chaos and devastation wrecked the Earth and its inhabitants. That chaos grew greater when the Moon revealed itself to be a "kami" (a Japanese God of old) - the white dragon Tsukuyumi. Exiled into the night sky eons ago, Tsukuyumi has been roused by Japanese warriors, who tried to rid themselves of their godly creators. Tsukuyumi's time for revenge has finally come...

Tsukuyumi is a no-luck boardgame, that demands specific strategic skills of its players. Its particular appeal lies in the clash of multifarious, asymmetrical factions. At the beginning, each player picks one of the five factions. The factions bring their own respective abilities, units and strategies. Therefore the game changes depending on what factions meet on the battlefield.

Tags: Board games, Complex and intricate, Staff selection