Totally Awesome Hulk TP VOL 03

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Amadeus Cho can calculate parabolas all day, but can he hit one from downtown? Find out when he takes on a classic Hulk villain, but not like anyone remembers. All-new, all-upgraded and all-terrifying prepare to meet QUASI/MO/DO! The robot menace will be a handful for the Hulk superstar Jeremy Lin?! Then, start spreading the news, the Totally Awesome Hulk is coming to New York City! Its time for a Big Apple showdown with a gathering of Asian and Asian-American heroes including Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi and Silk! Who has brought them together? Its not who you think! When a new alien race comes to Earth, Hulk and his new pals will be the planets last Protectors! Collecting TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #13-18. Rated T

Tags: Marvel