Super Sons TP Book 03 Escape T

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(W) Ridley Pearson (A/CA) Ile Gonzalez. Finishing the thrilling adventure that began in The PolarShield Project* amysterious new foe plans to release a deadly virus* launching the sons of the world's two greatest superheroes on their biggest mission yet! With the news of the Four Fingers taking refuge in the land of Landis* Batkid* Superboy* and Tilly begin their journey to stop the deadly virus from being unleashed onto the world. Meanwhile* Candace has found her way to Landis and is taken underground to a group of people who still believe her to be the true queen of Landis. Our team is reunited in an action-packed adventure through the desert of Landis* an unknown territory filled with unknown dangers! New York Times bestselling authorRidley Pearson (Kingdom Keepers) and artist Ile Gonzalez bring the epic conclusion to a story three books in themaking. Don't miss the Super Sons of Superman and Batman as they spring into action on what might be their final mission

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