Star Wars: From the Journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi

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(W) Jason Aaron, Dash Aaron (A) Simone Bianchi, More (CA) John Cassaday. Collects Star Wars (2015) #7* 15* 20* 26-30; material from Star Wars (2015) #37. Lost tales of the Jedi revealed! Obi-Wan has slowly adjusted to his life of exile on Tatooine* secretly protecting young Luke Skywalker. But now* injustice reigns as villainous scum run rampant* extorting moisture farmers and wreaking havoc. Will "Old Ben" risk revealing himself to do what's right? And when Jabba the Hutt hires a bounty hunter to find out who's been thwarting his men* Obi-Wan must take on the galaxy's deadliest Wookiee* Black Krrsantan! Plus* years earlier* when Obi-Wan was still a Padawan* Master Yoda found himself trapped on a savage world with a hidden power. Yoda must learn the secret of the stones - and his struggle in the past will affect Luke in the present! And can Obi-Wan save a young Tusken Raider? Rated T