Star Wars: Age Of Resistance - Villains

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This is the Age of Star Wars an epic series of adventures that unites your favorite characters from all three trilogies! The First Order takes center stage! As Captain Phasma leads an attack on the iron planet Demir, a young Stormtrooper looks to follow in Phasmas footsteps. But can she follow the First Order captains merciless ways? General Hux has always been looked down upon, but Kylo Rens fate will be in Huxs hands when a sabotaged shuttle crash-lands on an unknown planet! Meanwhile, can Kylo Ren ever escape the long shadow cast by his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker or will he succeed where Darth Vader failed? And as Supreme Leader Snoke begins Rens training, will the sadistic master break his tormented protg? Collecting STAR WARS: AGE OF RESISTANCE CAPTAIN PHASMA, GENERAL HUX, KYLO REN and SUPREME LEADER SNOKE. Rated T