Spider-Ham: Aporkalypse Now

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Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tail! (Get it?) Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham returns to the pages of his very own series! As if the swiney super heros recent adventures across the various dimensions of the Spider-Verse werent enough, Spider-Ham now finds himself jumping through time! And accompanied by Spider-Man (the human version), no less! Its the human/porcine/arachnid Marvel team-Up youve been waiting for! But can Ham and Man prevent the horrors of Aporkalypse Now?! What threat could be so dangerous so deadly that it imperils the Marvel Multiverses piggy protector, even with his cartoonish resistance to injury? Find out in one of the wildest adventures the Spider-Verse has ever seen! Collecting SPIDER-HAM #1-5. Rated T

Tags: Marvel