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Sirius Dice Set: Illusory Metal - Silver

Sirius Dice Set: Illusory Metal - Silver

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  • The look of vintage metal with the feel of high quality resin
  • The beauty of metal that can be rolled without fear of denting your table or damaging your miniatures
  • Stylized design on each die with easy to read numbers
  • Burnished metal hues give that feel of vintage gaming
  • Rounded edge resin dice


  • 1 d4
  • 1 d6
  • 1 d8
  • 1 d10 (numbered 0-9)
  • 1 d10 (numbered 00-90)
  • 1 d12
  • 1 d20

Due to the unique design of these dice, coloring and color ratios will vary from set to set and may not be exactly as pictured.

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