Rocky VOL 02 Strictly Business

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(W/A/CA) Martin Kellerman. by Martin Kellerman To start things off, Rocky manages to wheedle himself a free trip to New York as a reporter covering a gaming convention; a glutton for punishment, he looks up the girl he knocked up in ROCKY VOL. 1 and gets a BIG suprise! Also: Rocky's temporary roomate Klaus builds himself a "lovers' bunk," with catastrophic results; Rocky's buddy Manny becomes a daddy;l Rocky tries to become rich by taping a reality show starring his pals only to discover that their lives are, in fact, boring beyond belief. Rocky scores a new girlfriend and, against the advice of everyone (including himself), immediately takes her on a month-long vacation to Cuba. Hello Fidel! ROCKY VOL. 2 STRICTLY BUSINESS is Fritz The Cat meets Jane Austen!?! The pottymouthed animal-headed Seinfeld we all have come to love. Wont you join us for more?