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Quacks of Quedlinburg: Herb Witches Expansion

Quacks of Quedlinburg: Herb Witches Expansion

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Expand your Quacks of Quedlinburg, winner of the 2018 Kennerspiel des Jahres and Board Game Geek's Golden Geek 2018 Family Game of the Year award!

Hundreds of more potion combinations creates countless more exciting Quacks games!

With The Herb Witches expansion, you can now play The Quacks of Quedlinburg with a fifth player! Try some new Locoweed to your cure-all potions or add some new extra-large pumpkins. You can even try new ingredient books! If you’re struggling to find the perfect recipe, maybe one of the three Herb Witches can lend a hand. With countless more exciting brewing options, “Quacks” fans will enjoy hundreds of more potion-creating sessions!

Ages: 10+ | Play Time: 45 mins | Players: 2-5

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