One Piece VOL 38

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(W/A) Eiichiro Oda We're excited to announce the most ambitious manga speed-up we've ever done, featuring a most wanted pirate story, One Piece. Starting in January 2010, we will release 30 volumes of One Piece in 6 months ? that's five volumes a month! * APRIL 2010: Volumes 39-43 * MAY 2010: Volumes 44-48 * JUNE 2010: Volumes 49-53 That's not all. In the January issue of SHONEN JUMP magazine, we'll jump ahead of those 30 volumes to the start of the 'Impel Down' saga ? a bold new storyline and a perfect time to launch into the One Piece manga. If you're feeling a little left behind, don't worry. We'll get you up to speed in time. Read he Volume 1 manga preview or start your grand adventure by reading the 'East Blue' saga and see where it all began at! RATING: T

Tags: Manga, Shonen/shouju