One Particular Harbor RPG

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THE ISLES OF CARCATOU HAVE NO OWNER... Merfolk, sailors, and pirates creating messy entanglements while fighting with their allies and falling in love with their enemies all as they try to claim or preserve the independence of a remote chain of islands in the middle of the sea. One Particular Harbor is based on the amazing Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Vincent and Meguey Baker. Choose your faction - the merfolk, noble guardians who can trade their fins for legs at their whim, the pirates who treat the islands as a place of rest and tentative peace between voyages, or the Royal Navy who seek to claim the island in the name of their queen - and play out your story; fighting (and flirting) to determine the fate of the islands. One Particular Harbor consists of fourteen minigames and requires no materials other than a coin to toss. It is GMless and requires no prep and can be played as a one shot for groups of 3-5 players.

Tags: Role playing games