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These stories are told with the same bold, kinetic art style and brilliantly paced storytelling that Samura's Blade of the Immortal epic is famous for. The main offering, 'Ohikkoshi,' follows the turbulent paths of several twenty-something art students as they fall in love, fall in lust, play in rock bands, ride motorbikes, eat, sleep (together), and try to avoid making life decisions while drunk. This romantic comedy is a 'Japanese art school confidential' packed with absurd humor, obscure death metal references, and some expertly placed, dramatic revelations. 'Luncheon of Tears Diary' is a vibrant, genre-busting tale that also peppers its humor with sharp, dramatic moments. Natsumi Funabashi, a virgin, is an aspiring manga creator on a quest for love and a fulfilling career. Along the way, she has to cope with overzealous men, gang warfare, a mahjong addiction, and a lascivious manga editor. This collection is rounded off by Samura's hilarious 'Kyoto Super Barhopping Journal: Bloodbath at Midorogaike,' a rare, autobiographical travel piece. Fans of Hiroaki Samura's award-winning Blade of the Immortal epic will be overjoyed with this hard-to-find collection-presented in English for the first time!