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Modern Art: The Card Game

Modern Art: The Card Game

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In the world of Modern Art, tastes and opinions shift constantly. In this highly fluid market, art collectors compete to gather the most prized pieces. Only the most cunning collector who's able to anticipate trends, influence the market, and spot new emerging talent will come out on top!

In Modern Art: The Card Game, 2-5 players assume the role of art collectors competing to assemble the most prized collection of them all. Each round, you'll choose different artwork form five different artists to display in your collection, benefiting from their effects and influencing their value. Make sure to select the right ones, as the more an artist is displayed, the more valuable their artwork becomes and the more points you get! In the end, the player with the most valuable collection wins!

  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 2-5
  • Game Length: 30 minutes
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