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The majestic art of legendary black-and-white magazine THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN is presented in a deluxe hardcover art book worthy of Crom himself! Following the massive success of Marvels color CONAN THE BARBARIAN comic, the Hyborian was given his own B&W magazine to better capture the bone-crushing action of the barbarians world. Stripped down to pencil-and-inks essentials, Conan took on a new savagery drawn by masters such as Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema and Ernie Chan. The series fully painted covers featured gorgeous illustrations by Boris Vallejo, Michael Kaluta, Earl Norem and others while the many pinups and spot illustrations are hidden gems waiting to be rediscovered by Conan fans. With 235 issues in its epic history, there is no shortage of mind-blowing SAVAGE SWORD art and this deluxe hardcover shares the best of it! Mature

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