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STUART MOORE (W), JEROME OPE? (A), ALBERTO PONTICELLI (A), BEN TEMPLESMITH (A), and JOHN WYCOUGH (I) On sale September 29, SC, 152pg, FC, 6" x 9" He's mankind's only hope for survival! Ravenous zombies have overrun the post-apocalyptic town of Desolation. Sharpshooter Luke and her older brother, Mark, are desperate. Their only hope is to track down and enlist the help of a gunman legendary in the western wasteland, a man known only as Lone. But if they find him, can they trust him? Cletus, a right geezer who claims to know Lone, seems to know more than he's saying-'specially after Luke mentioned how the zombies are being controlled by a strange figure that bleeds yellow. And what are "Gunfathers," anyway? After fighting off radiation-twisted mutants for two weeks, Luke and Mark are ready for answers. Collecting the six-issue miniseries. Featuring the rich storytelling of Stuart Moore, the stunning and imaginative art of Russ Manning Award winner Jerome Ope?and a short story with Sam and Twitch artist Alberto Ponticelli.