Little Lulu VOL 08 Late Forhoo

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Long hailed as one of the best (and funniest) comic books ever published, Little Lulu is once again a reading staple for kids of all ages thanks to these new collections of the classic material! Whether she's spinning the tallest tale of her life to sooth the savage neighbor tot Alvin, hatching schemes to invite both friends AND enemies to her birthday party, or winning prizes in a ski-jump contest she hasn't even entered, Little Lulu's adorable antics will leave you breathless with laughing and eager to keep reading! Long heralded as one of the best comic books ever published for readers of all ages, Little Lulu is back! For years, fans and collectors have scrambled to find the rare original issues of these comic-book gems, but thanks to Dark Horse Books, the hilarious adventures of sassy 'Little Lulu' Moppet are now readily accessible to new readers, diehard fans, and kids of all ages!