Lights Out VOL 03

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(W/A/CA) Myung Jin Lee. Miraculously, Gun passes the qualifying round. As he competes, Gun's passion rises through the competition. In the final round, Gun races Schneider, who is the shrewd and cunning and three times world champion! Intriguingly, he builds an interesting friendship with Schneider during the race, but will he be successful against Schneider's trickery? Key Selling Points: . Promoted in TOKYOPOP's monthly consumer news blast to more than 50,000 subscribers . From the creator of TOKYOPOP's hugely popular Ragnarok . Will appeal to fans of Mars and GTO, and classic teen novels such as The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton) and The Pigman (Paul Zindel) . Featured in issue #2 (Fall) of MANGA magazine, TOKYOPOP's free quarterly publication. Nearly 100,000 subscribers.