Kirby Returns King Size HC

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Jack is back! Thrill to all-time classics from Kirbys 1970s return to Marvel presented larger than life in true King size! With Kirby as both writer and artist, these stories are a live wire hooked directly into the imagination of comics most powerful creative dynamo. Captain America battles the Red Skull and the bizarre Arnim Zola who has reanimated Hitlers brain in the body of an unstoppable android! The Black Panther faces a generation-spanning Wakandan saga for the ages! Machine Man, a weapon of war with a human soul, explores the world of man but can he find acceptance before the army hunts him down? And Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy fight savage battles against alien invaders to protect early humans from annihilation! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #208-212, BLACK PANTHER (1977) #1-3, MACHINE MAN (1978) #1-6 and DEVIL DINOSAUR #4-7. All Ages

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