Killing Girl VOL 01 a Sisters

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(W) Glen Brunswick (A) Toby Cypress, Frank Espinosa (CA) Toby Cypress. story GLEN BRUNSWICK art FRANK ESPINOZA & TOBY CYPRESS cover TOBY CYPRESS What if the Mafia had its own Secret Service? Sara doesn't remember her name. What she does know is that she traded away mystery as a former prostitute and became a world-class killing machine. When a routine hit goes sour, Sara makes a shocking discovery. Suppressed memories, haunted her since childhood, are in fact true! And her real family, presumed dead, may actually be alive. The collection includes an "Art of Killing Girl" section with unseen art from both of the book's illustrators. Collects KILLING GIRL #1-5 JUNE 18 . 136 PAGES . FC . $14.99