Kamen Tantei VOL 03

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(W/A/CA) Matsuri Akino. Haruka and Masato's episodes with Detective Taro Suzuki continue! To Haruka's dismay, the gang must track down a 'cat burglar' that is actually a cat. In the process they encounter a real-life human burglar, solve an unsolved story connected with a "cursed" wisteria tree, write a mystery novel, and act in a school play. All in a day's work for Haruka and Masato! Key Selling Points: . A light-hearted comedy that is a send-up of the mystery genre, as two aspiring mystery writers are confronted with baffling, bumbling mysteries! . Matsuri Akino is the creator of the bestselling Pet Shop of Horrors with 200,000 copies sold . Appeals to fans of Case Closed and Sgt. Frog . "The light-hearted comedy and neat character interactions make this well worth reading for anyone looking for something quick and enjoyable." --Newtype USA