Jingle Belle

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(W) Paul Dini (A) Stephanie Gladen, Various (Cov) Stephanie Gladen A gigantic treasure trove of new and classic Jingle Belle stories! When Jing again breaks her parents rules, she is forced to spend Christmas Eve GROUNDED. But when Santa is also caught in a lie, he has to share the same punishment! Neither father nor daughter can leave the North Pole until they apologize, and with the contentious Kringles not speaking to each other, Christmas is doomed! In SLAYBELLE, Jing teams up with Halloween witch Polly Green to create a new holiday horror movie. Their film features a psycho St. Nick's helper (played by Jing) who offs mall Santas in gleefully gruesome ways. 'It's a Wonderful Life?' Not by a long shot! The collection also features new and never before seen short stories, pin-ups and one-page strips staring Polly, Super Rica and Rashy, Ida Red, and other characters from the extended Jingle Belle universe. As a special bonus, it reprints the popular booklength story 'Jingle Belle: Santa Claus VS Frankenstein!'