I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into a Girl Vol. 1

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Its a familiar story: a popular high school student gives their plain friend a makeover and transforms their life. But this time, the path to a new life isnt quite so straight and narrow. Kenshirou Midou has loved cosmetics all his life, keeping his obsession secret from almost everyone except for his childhood friend Hiura Mihate. One day, Kenshirou gets permission to practice applying makeup on Hiura, and the results are earth-shattering: Hiuras appearance transforms from a plain, undersized boy to a pretty, petite girl, and Kenshirou discovers just how freeing it is to apply his passion! Yet hes not the only one who finds the process liberating. Hiura likes the makeup, and the subsequent dress-up in feminine clothes, and decides to start wearing the girls uniform to school. Kenshirou doesnt understand if hes unlocked something in Hiura, or if hes simply seeing a new side to his childhood buddy that he never noticed before. What are these feelings bubbling between them nowis this attraction truly new?