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Heckadeck Playing Cards

Heckadeck Playing Cards

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This unique, hand-illustrated expanded deck playing cards is a real gamechanger, featuring eight suits, new faces such as Beasts and Travelers, and much more. Play all the games you love or give them a twist, play all-new games (instructions included), or invent your own.

The standard deck of 52 playing cards is a staple of game night—but what if it could be so much more!? Introducing the Heckadeck, a 160-card deck that not only includes the classic cards, but adds all-new ranks, suits, face cards, and other creative elements that open a whole range of exciting new play possibilities.

The deck includes hearts through diamonds and Aces through Kings, but also acorns, clouds, arrows, and planets—heck yeah!—plus zeroes and elevens, Beasts, Hunters, Travelers, an all-suited Watcher, and other delightfully illustrated additions.

The accompanying booklet offers twists on classic games (Crazier Eights, Hearts [and Clouds], Go Fish with Dynamite), plus rules for new games (Epic Match, Beast Hunters), guidance for inventing your own games, and even tips on predicting the future with this unique and family-friendly heckafun card deck.

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