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(W/A) Various (CA) Jim Cheung. Your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy in glorious off-duty adventures! New buddies Ben Grimm and Rocket Raccoon grapple with a planet where culture is based on Earth-style professional wrestling only on this world, the stakes are life and death! Drax goes missing! Groot and the Thing swap three-word catchphrases on the hunt for a powerful object in New York City! Venom and the Human Torch hang out in space! Rocket and Kitty Pryde get a gig as bodyguards for an interplanetary whistleblower! Then Kitty teams up with Gamora but is there room for more than one deadliest woman in the galaxy? Plus: Meet Venoms new teammates, the noble and mysterious Space Knights! Collecting the backup stories from GUARDIANS OF INFINITY #1-8.. Rated T