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Eric Powell (W/A) and Dave Stewart (C) On sale July 7 FC, 272 pages $34.99 HC, 7' x 10' This volume contains all of Eric Powell's stories from 'Goon Year: The Return of Labrazio' in a signed limited-edition hardcover. The town on the edge of Horse-Eater's Wood is permeated by all manner of dark things-hatred, fear, unhappiness, demons, and the undead (to name a few)-brought on by a curse that has festered within the forest for many years. The death of one of the Goon's closest allies is revealed as the work of the dead mobster Labrazio, returned to wreak havoc and destruction upon the Goon and those who stand by him. The Goon and Franky must fight back against Labrazio's undead hordes in this touching story of demonic kitties, zombie burlesque, and animal love (there's a sentence you never thought you'd read). o Copies of The Goon: Fancy Pants Vol. 3 hardcover will be printed to inital orders and are exclusive to the direct market. o This edition also includes an exclusive Eric Powell illustration, individually signed by Powell! o Collects The Goon #20-#31. o Perfect jumping-on point for new readers. o Look for an all-new spinoff series coming soon!