Frosthaven (Pre-Order)

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Frosthaven, the only outpost in the harsh northern region of the world is on the brink of destruction. Harried by vicious and mysterious threats on all sides, Frosthaven would need great warriors and leaders to survive the coming winter...

Unfortunately, all it has is you - a group of haunted wanderers with nowhere left to go. Can you fight back the invaders and build a thriving community, or will the frost claim it all?

Stand alone and fully compatible with all previous Gloomhaven products, the follow up to the #1 board game in the world is now available for pre-order at your local Vault of Midnight! 
  • Expected Delivery is October-November 2021
  • $179.99 + tax

Tags: Board games, Cooperative masterpieces, Dungeon crawler, Fantasy, Pre-order, Staff selection