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(W/A/CA) Jamie S. Rich. by Jamie S. Rich It's 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Lance Scott has just turned 25 and has a pretty good life. Paul Weller is his god; music his constant companion. He has a great apartment, a spoiled cat, an easygoing roommate; only one thing is missing ? the girl of his dreams. But reality rarely lives up to dreams. Three girls take turns with his heart, but can he commit to any one of them, or will he always be looking back at what he's left and forward at what might come? And then there's the blue haired girl. This sophomore novel by Jamie S. Rich takes a pop-culture filled look at the irony of a guy who is only able to be truly present in his relationship with his cat; and the accidents that happen when you try to reach forward toward a new love while simultaneously looking over your shoulder at the past.