Essential Avengers VOL 05

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Written by ROY THOMAS, HARLAN ELLISON, CHRIS CLAREMONT, STEVE ENGLEHART & STEVE GERBER Penciled by BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH, RICH BUCKLER, JOHN BUSCEMA, GEORGE TUSKA, JIM STARLIN, DON HECK, BOB BROWN, DAVE COCKRUM, SAL BUSCEMA, SAM KWESKIN & SYD SHORES Cover by BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH From the Sentinels and the Savage Land Mutates to Loki, Dormammu and Thanos, the Avengers prove the universe's worst are no match for their best! Magnetic mayhem and nuclear nostalgia! Featuring Golden Age guest stars, mythic menaces and more! Plus: the Avengers-Defenders War and Hawkeye vs. Daredevil! Includes rare Marvel work by best-selling author Harlan Ellison! Collects AVENGERS #98-126, DAREDEVIL #99, DEFENDERS #8-11 and GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #1.