Die Hard Year One VOL 01

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(W) Howard Chaykin (A) Stephen Thompson (C) Dave Johnson Yippee Ki Yay! First time in Trade Paperback! BOOM! Studios is proud to present America's greatest action hero translated into the sequential art form for the first time! Every great action hero got started somewhere: Batman Began. Bond had his Casino Royale. And for John McClane, more than a decade before the first DIE HARD movie, he's just another rookie cop, an East Coast guy working on earning his badge in New York City during 1976's Bicentennial celebration. Too bad for John McClane, nothing's ever that easy. Join legendary industry creator Howard Chaykin on a thrill ride that's rung up over $1 billion in box office worldwide and become the gold standard for classic action! The previously offered Hardcover edition is also offered this month!