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Cthulhu Death May Die: Yog-Sothoth Expansion

Cthulhu Death May Die: Yog-Sothoth Expansion

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Yog-Sothoth is not interested in destruction or conquest. It is simply the knower of all things. And while knowledge, in and of itself, is not dangerous, its application can be. The cultists that seek out yoga sothoth’s knowledge don't do so for enlightenment, but to push forward their nefarious schemes. For that, yog-sothoth must be destroyed.

The Elder box: yog-sothoth introduces a new Elder one to games of Cthulhu: Death may die. Players can combine it with any Episode From the core box or expansions. Yoga sothoth enhances the experience by adding extra gates to the board that mirror normal gates increasing, the power of the next enemy summons. For example, yoga sothoth’s special monster, Wilbur whateley, adds a gate to the board every time It dies. But that doesn't mean that investigators are hopeless, gates may be attacked and destroyed, causing damage to enemies in the same space, which can be used to help contain the waves of monsters.

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