Corpsewake Cove for Mork Borg

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MÖRK BORG hit the Roleplaying Game world a year or so ago, and we have been itching to try our hand at making something in the genre since then. In Mork Borg, the world has really truly gone to to shit. It's dying, and everyone knows we're making-do till it finally all falls apart. But in these bleak times we can still get a little scratch and try to find some sliver of satisfaction. The art blends punk, the cut-and-paste zine approach, and elements of dadaism and thrash metal graphics. We made a one-page dungeon for MÖRK BORG as part of Dissident Whispers (which also happened to be Madeleine's first try at making an isometric map!) and really liked the taste.

Corpsewake Cove is our first adventurous foray into the graphic and thematic world of MÖRK BORG. Bright, gritty illustrations accompany evocative text - a mad run on the rough streets of a pirate town, to the harbor beyond, and slogging desperately through the cadaver-clogged sewers below. Chock full of swashbuckling, zombie-burning, rabble rousing, and pirate murdering! The tone is grim as the grave - you will take revenge for what the pirates did to you and your family. But there’s also plenty of room for bleak nihilism and a bit of graveyard humor.

Tags: Horror, Rpg