Conan TP Jewels of Gwahlur and

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Conan the Barbarian hunts one of the worlds greatest treasures! In an action-packed adaptation by P. Craig Russell, Conan seeks the prized Teeth of Gwahlur. But when he discovers that a former dancing girl is being compelled to pose as a long-dead oracle, can he use this knowledge to outfox his opponents on the hunt for the jewels? Plus: In more action-packed tales by top-flight talent, a kings daughter is kidnapped by a sorcerer and only Conan and the girls sister can save her! And intrigued by a leader known as the Mad King of Gaul, Conan joins his army but when tragedy strikes, will Conan be worthy to wear the crown? Collecting CONAN AND THE JEWELS OF GWAHLUR #1-3, CONAN AND THE DAUGHTERS OF MIDORA, CONAN AND THE MAD KING OF GAUL and CONAN: THE WEIGHT OF THE CROWN. Parental Advisory