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World Champ Game Co.

Cobwebs RPG

Cobwebs RPG

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The second printing of Cobwebs RPG is presented in a streamlined form, trusting you have access to your own dice and tokens.

COBWEBS is a 1-5 player GM-less RPG that tells stories of reluctant investigators uncovering terrifying conspiracies and getting far more than they bargained for. It combines elements of noir, horror, and science fiction to create a uniquely haunting mystery built collaboratively. If you enjoy podcasts like Limetown and Tanis, comics like Mind MGMT, or movies like Under The Silver Lake and Mute-you're in the right place.

This game builds upon mechanics you know from games you already enjoy such as Lovecraftesque, Blades in the Dark, and The Hour Between Dog & Wolf while simultaneously bringing a new and novel experience to your table.

Cobwebs is designed by Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co. & illustrated by Sally Cantirino.

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