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Clash of Cultures Monumental Edition

Clash of Cultures Monumental Edition

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Explore Your Land

You are the leader of an ancient civilization, starting from a solitary settlement on the edge of hte world. Send your settlers to explore your surroundings to expand your borders. Deploy your infantry, cavalry, elephants, and ships to expand your influence across the world.

Build Your Cities

An innovative modular system lets you transform your tiny settlement into an epic metropolis. You can attach an academy of learning, a fortress for defense, a temple to the gods, or even a wonder of the ancient world!

Advance Your Civilization

History is yours to write! Develop your society into a bastion of justice or fire up your military for glorious conquest. Use your player board to chart the evolution of your society as you gain exciting new abilities and technologies.

Revisit a Classic

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition contains an updated and improved version of the base game, the Civilizations expansion, and the Aztec promo pack.

  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: 180 minutes
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