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(W) Elizabeth Hand. Attempting to create life through dreadful experiments, Henry Frankenstein and Dr. Pretorius instead created unspeakable horror: two misshapen monsters, a brutish male and his female mate, stitched together from the bodies of cadavers. Crafted to be the monster's bride?an undead Eve to an equally accursed Adam?the female creature was destroyed mere minutes after taking its first breath?or was it? This new novel by the critically acclaimed Elizabeth Hand reinterprets the memorable characters from Universal Picture's classic 1935 film for a new generation of horror fans. Detailing the bride of Frankenstein's secret history, from the shadows of forgotten laboratories to the streets of Weimar Germany, Hand creates a richly atmospheric tale of horror, mystery, and tragedy as chilling as the creature itself. Praise for author's previous work: . 'One of the most sheerly impressive . . . overwhelmingly beautiful books I have read in a long time. . . . [Elizabeth Hand] has written the best book of her generation.' ? Peter Straub, author of Ghost Story . One of fantastical fiction's most highly regarded writers, Hand is the recipient of the Nebula Award, two World Fantasy Awards, and a Washington Post Notable Book of the Year honor.