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(W/A) Jin-Hwan Park. Title: Archlord Volume 5 Creator: Jin-Hwan Park ISBN: 978-1-4278-1166-0 Price: $9.99 Price (Canada): $10.99 Format: Manga, 192 pgs. Volume: 5 of 6 Dimensions: 5' x 7.4375' Genre Icon: Action Genre: Fantasy Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Product Synopsis: Arin and Ugdrasil arrive at Elka to seek the prophet Berouze. Upon arrival, Arin is shocked to find out that various races wander around the city?from Elves, Gnome, Kobalt, and even Orcs. However, no one in the town had even heard of the name Berouze. While wandering around the town, Arin and Ugdrasil help out an old man from a band of thug-like knights. The grateful old man invites his rescuers into his home for some tea, and, coincidentally enough, the old man ends up being the prophet Berouze himself! Sell Sheet Keynote: Heroic action fantasy chock full of swords and sorcery Key Selling Points: . Part of TOKYOPOP's "Choose Your Weapon" Winter '07 campaign focusing on action-oriented series targeting teen boys?promo includes national print and internet campaign, and free manga previews, giveaways, and contests; includes Utopia's Avenger (vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59816-670-0), Phantom (vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59816-770-7 ), Archlord (vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59816-967-X), Gyakushu(vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59816-969-6), and leads up to the release of Warcraft vol. 3 (ISBN: 1-59532-714-2) . An original adaptation of the Archlord, www., MMORPG in the vein of Warcraft and Ragnarok, succesful manga series for TOKYOPOP . "The artwork is terrific, the plot stuffed with classic RPG elements." ?Pittsburgh Tribune