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What will SECRET EMPIRE mean for the Amazing Spider-Man? The return of Otto Octavius! But this isnt the Doc Ock of old. As the Superior Octopus, hes allied himself with Steve Rogers and Hydra, and he has a personal mission: to take down Parker Industries, the company he helped create! Peter must use the full force of his company, and every asset at his disposal, to stop Ock and Hydra but will it be enough? Then, as New York recovers from SECRET EMPIRE, a new phase in Spider-Mans life begins. But when that bad ol Parker luck rears its head, can Mockingbird help put a smile back on Peters face? Spider-Man is renewed and ready to fight another day, but why is he taking that fight to...the Daily Bugle?! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2015) #29-32 and #789-791. Rated T