Alien Apocalypse 2006

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by Kathy Glass, Spain & Harry S. Robins The transformation has been upon us for some time. The citizens of the world are being made into mindless drones to benefit the corporate leaders' bigger plan - changing the earth into an alien outpost! Kathy Glass uncovers the truth in this wildly imaginative, mildly paranoiac missive that ties all those stories about 'the greys' and environmental savagery into one super-theory. Follow Chrystal and Buzz, two marijuana farmers as their typical alien abduction from a California forest sparks a spiritual change that interrupts the master plan of an extraterrestrial race. Plus, a moving rant on the recent September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. Comically illustrated by Harry S. Robins and underground master Spain, this book is worth having for the images of George W. Bush and the pot-stealing aliens alone. MATURE READERS. SC, 48pg, b&w